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Engine 999 progress

Chapter 4 progress

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Can't wait to get started!

Engine 999 - CH1PG1 by Tailzkip Engine 999 - CH2PG1 by Tailzkip





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A Step Too Far Progress Board

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Pony Comic Shorts

Make This Engine a Home
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May 30, 2015
5:40 am
May 30, 2015
2:25 am
May 29, 2015
8:52 pm
May 29, 2015
8:43 pm
May 29, 2015
7:10 pm

Well...Back To The Grind Stone

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2015, 9:14 PM

Well there goes my freedom! lol starting tomorrow I'm back at work until Tuesday. I'm hoping to be down to 3 days by next week or the week after. Anyway I'll be back into my old routine of working on panels before work (little time for anything else), so more comic progress will be made now.

....................DARN IT IT'S FRIDAY!. I was so busy making videos ready for going back to work. Urgh perhaps getting my routine back will be a good things lol. Sorry guys, I'll see If I can get the new E999 pages out in the next couple of days. I need to finish fixing the pages and prepping them for submission.

Although when I think about it, in someways perhaps it was a good thing that I took a break from comic making. If you work to much on something to much with art, you tend to burn out.

Anyway back to the old routine now guys! This vacation was awesome, I got to see family, eat proper fish and chips, meet new people online, start an abridged series and I was approached for a great youtube partnership opportunity...still waiting to be let out of my old contract though xPXD.

Mad 3 weeks guys!
ok, Artistic discipline mode activate! 
Pikachu dizzy 
/gamemode c
Pikachu rage 
Journal breaks by Tailzkip

Please donate to help out my awesome, friends mom, she has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and her insurance refuses to cover the treatment.
Even if it's just a dollar, every little helps!

 Heart - Free Donation page:… Heart - Free 


Short, pony themed Thank you comic - progress:
Total pages: 6
Written: 100%
Sketched: 0%
Colored: 0%

Journal breaks by Tailzkip

Engine 999 Panel remake Contest by Tailzkip

The contest and rules have been posted on my website for easy viewing:

Entries so far 
 4 ( Numbers ) 

Journal breaks by Tailzkip
Tailz Commission imagetext by Tailzkip

Twilight Sparkle (Faceplant) plz  CURRENTLY AWAITING NEW CHALLENGES Twilight Sparkle (I'M PANCAKE) plz 

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke  Note Me For A Commission Quote  Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke

In your note please include:
Bullet; Green  What you would like your character/s doing. Keep it mature content please.
Bullet; Green The level of detail you would like in the piece to be and if a background should be included.
Bullet; Green  OH, and references make life easier for all, so please provide them for OC's along with a little back story so I can capture them just right.

Star Rainbow Star!Star! $80 For Advanced Detail + $10 for special effects Star! Star! Star Rainbow 

Comission list by Tailzkip
Some extra options listed here 

Commission Prices and InformationCommission Info 
Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3]             Neko Emoji-41 - (Kawaii Waving) [V3]  
Commissions are charged based on completion time, the more detailed the piece, the higher the cost.
Also the more characters evolved will raise the price a little depending on how many.
Colored MLP style lines will cost extra as it's very time consuming,
The prices listed are estimates only, note me for an official quote price! Please include he following.
Bullet; Green  What you would like your character doing.  Keep it mature content please.
Bullet; Green  The level of detail you would like in the piece to be and if a background should be included.
Bullet; Green  OH, and references make life easier for all, so please provide them for OC's alo

Rainbow S Awkward Squee By Mrlolcats17-d5l5hyq by TailzkipAmount of commissions received so far: 3 ( Numbers )  Rainbow S Awkward Squee By Mrlolcats17-d5l5hyq by Tailzkip
Journal breaks by Tailzkip

 Check out Chapter 1 of my manga series Engine 999 

Engine 999 - CH1PG1 by Tailzkip  Engine 999 - CH2PG1 by Tailzkip  Engine 999 - CH3PG1 by Tailzkip

very mild yaoi shipping, nothing in your face, just your natural relationship stuff...or a bromance if you prefer to look at it that way XD. Thus I play my 'fair warning from the start' card in attack mode! :iconyugi-plz:

hi hi  ENGINE 999 PRINTS AVAILABLE!  hi hi

Engine 999 poster - PRINT AVAILABLE by Tailzkip


Comic Making, Tips and Tricks

Tips For Fellow Comic WritersA couple of days ago :iconalice-whiterabbit: asked me a series of questions about comic making and writing. I started out making a response and felt that quite a few people might be able to learn from this. So I'm posting it in a journal for all to see. 
Bullet; Green  My advice to a first timer would be. Don't expect to get it right the first time. When it comes to learning anything new, you are likely to hit few bumps in the road to start off. However don't let this deter you. If your first pass isn't a great hit just keep revising and reworking your stories. Chitanda Smile Icon 
Bullet; Green  As far as comics go, ask yourself this...How many times have you read a professional printed manga or comic and not known what the heck is going on for most of it?...I've read a few like that. This
   Tips for Basic/Animal Character Designwhilst we are on the subject of tutorial stuff. let's talk character design. to do so let's revisit our new partners in crime Mikazuki (wolf) and Sakura (deer)
Bullet; Green  Step 1 original art style. So I'm going to focus on Mikazuki for a second, because I want to address, something that has always buged me about wolf OC's. THAT SAME GENERIC STYLE THEY TEND TO BE DRAWN IN!. How many wolf Oc's have I seen that all share a similar look and only have minor changes to the style?. To many!. This isn't necerally a bad thing, but it's not going to make your OC stand out from the rest if he looks the same as all the others. 
Now before you start getting mad or insulted, I get that it can be hard to make a wolf look unique because all you have to work with are markings. HOWEVER that's where your own unique style comes in.
They both look fine, but which would you label as my style? 

If you said r

It can be discouraging at times when it comes to writing a comic. But above all, just remember just to have fun on your creative adventure and grow with your characters! Pikachu Plz 


Crazy Eyed Rarity by TheShadowStone

Today is a Button Mash Day: Creative Mode Activate!

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDukeTrades - Closed by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Collaborations - Closed by SweetDuke

Should I get a facebook? (I have one but debating on sharing or personal life stuff or photo's I'm afraid XD) 

17 deviants said I don't know! I can't handle the pressure! Pinkie Pie (Me why me) plz by luckreza8
12 deviants said Totally up to you, but i'd follow! Pinkie pie (special pancake) plz by luckreza8
6 deviants said YES ANOTHER PLACE TO STALK YOU!! Pinkie pie (i win) plz by luckreza8


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